The AmeriFindSM service offered by DCS is an online resource that provides efficient access to the consumer information vital for your business or agency. AmeriFind is accessible from your corporate or agency network and can serve thousands of users within your enterprise. Data is streamlined to meet your workflow and to provide quick access to answers necessary to conduct your business.

In addition to basic searches and reports, AmeriFind is created to meet the unique needs of the business and government communities by providing specially designed products targeting three basic market segments:


Social Service Agencies and Law Enforcement

AmeriFind is specially designed to serve government agencies and law enforcement. Access to consumer information is available along with enhanced reporting, case management and volume pricing. Enhanced security safeguards meeting all FISMA compliance requirements is provided. Additionally, DCS provides data brokering services to governmental agencies, providing customized database consolidation of information critical to agency efficiency. DCS is experienced in supporting state agencies in operating social service programs such as SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, and UIB. This experience also include supporting both state and federal law enforcement agencies including child support enforcement agencies.


Banking and Collections

DCS also serves the banking, finance, credit and collections industries with an online tool proven invaluable in locating debtors. AmeriFind can provide new phone numbers, current addresses and other information vital to effective skip tracing. Our national databases, with added information available from real-time credit header searches from all three major bureaus, provide you with the best locator product in the industry. Custom reports and data integration services can also be provided to augment the special reports designed specifically for the banking, finance, credit and collections functions.


Underwriting, Claims and Fraud Investigation

Major and independent insurance companies use AmeriFind to access the investigative tools specially adapted to the needs of insurance SIU/subrogation/claims functions in the Texas market. These tools utilize data from drivers' license, vehicle, DUIs/DWIs and address history to help spot potential issues affecting an insurance claim. Custom reports and web services are available to streamline integration of these tools into your business process. DCS can also work with your company to develop custom risk models to help identify potential fraud or other risk factors. Risk scores provide evidenced-based approach to efficiently identity risk using characteristics available within the AmeriFind data associated with a claim.